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Into the Unknown!

"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more." -Albus Dumbledor

What would the unknown look like as a boggart? I think that may be mine. While the unknown is new and enticing (cue the Frozen 2 song that is literally on repeat at our house), it can also be really unsettling. I wouldn't necessarily say that I fear the unknown, but I do just about everything in my power to never have to come face to face with it. I was born with the gift of quick wit and fast planning. I plan everything, even the things that will likely never happen. I would need an extra 4 hands to count even half of the amount of Pinterest boards I've started! And although not everything goes perfectly according to plan (or most things...), I like to tell people that my real magical power is the ability to work under pressure, so I can typically figure some sort of "plan" out to get back on track.

Even though I am uncomfortable with the unknown, I do crave excitement. I guess I like to exercise my working-under-pressure power. I enjoy pushing myself and am always planning my next "big thing". Which, right now, just so happens to be this podcast!!! When I tell you I've been planning this podcast for years, I promise you I am not exaggerating. I hatched this idea in January of 2018. I sketched logos and worked on outlines, all while binging as many Harry Potter podcasts as humanly possible (shout out to Potterless Podcast and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text!) to try and ready myself for my introduction to the world of podcasts. In September of 2020, I jumped.

I wasn't ready. Yes, I had planned it all out. Yes, I bought all of the equipment and scheduled all of my interviews. I learned the software and purchased my website domain. I had even reread the entire series in preparation (okay, I probably would've done that anyway...), but sometimes, the unknown hits you and not even a magic wand can get you back on track. Do you know what can get you back on track, though? Time.

"Mysterious thing, time. Powerful." -Albus Dumbledor

Of course I must also give a lot of credit to my co-host, MJ, for being willing to come INTO THE UNKNOWN (did you sing it?) with me for round two of this podcast release. Although this had always been a journey I wanted her on, time just wasn't on her side the first go around either. Funny the way things work out!

So here we are, we have (re)planned it all out - of course - and are both very excited to be creating this very niche content for you, even though we don't know where this journey will lead. Thank you for jumping into the unknown with us! What are you most excited about?

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